Karolina, 23.

basically my life consists of filling the hole in my soul and the emptiness of my heart with concert tickets
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I Forget Where We Were" 20th oct.

sorry for the delay, but my computer died yesterday while i was cutting the audio and i’m getting it fixed now. i’ll upload it tonight

edit: ok, i see someone else already uploaded it :)

ok guys: i have the audio from Ben’s iTunes show but i don’t have time (nor patience today) to cut and upload it all at once.. so does anyone have any requests which song(s) i should do first?

There will be more live dates next year… if we survive this one.
the one and only - Ben Howard. ←

Anonymous asked: I understand exactly how you feel, Ben doesn't make music for fame of fortune it's because he knows people with truly appreciate his music for the rich tone and soul in it! The connection you instantly feel with it even though you've never heard it! You go on a journey and when you come back you seem to be a different person! Well guess some people don't understand proper music!

Exactly!! i agree with every single word you wrote.

Also, i’m like… i can’t be the only one seeing there’s something wrong with people who expect an artist to please them with their favourite songs and if he doesn’t, they call him a cunt, twat and idiot? like seriously?

Anonymous asked: you love him because he only played 8 or 9 songs?

No, i love him because he played songs he has a strong connection to, believes in what he’s singing, feels good and comfortable performing them and doesn’t care about gaining more fans with his old hits. It’s not a secret they’re playing mostly or only new songs recently. You can also learn, from actions like this, who’s in the bussiness for money and who’s because of love for music and passion.

So many people hating on Ben for the very reason I love him so much. Oh well..

I feel like this show is even better than yesterday’s at Maida Vale. Holy crap, Mr Howard & Co.!!!

Track: Conrad (Live) +
Artist: Ben Howard
Album: Maida Vale Session

You were the boat that breached
in the tale of Conrad

We will never be the change
to the weather and the sea
and you knew that

Track: End Of The Affair (Live) +
Artist: Ben Howard
Album: Maida Vale Session

The end of the affair
the weight of the world
the kindness gone to bed

the weight of your laughter
alive in the halls
did he hear, did he hear
the fumbled words you said

Track: Evergreen (Live) +
Artist: Ben Howard
Album: Maida Vale Session

Track: All Is Now Harmed (Live) +
Artist: Ben Howard
Album: Maida Vale Session

i wanted to share all the songs from yesterday’s Maida Vale session, but apparently there’s an audio post limit on tumblr and it won’t allowed me to post anymore today. WHAT THE HELL LOVE ??

edit: HA i’ve outsmarted tumblr today. 1:0 for me. it’s all up. enjoy!

Track: Time Is Dancing (Live)
Artist: Ben Howard
Album: Maida Vale Session

now she’s caught between
what to say and what she really means

Track: She Treats Me Well (Live)
Artist: Ben Howard
Album: Maida Vale Session

I’ve got a woman at home,
she treats me well