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my name is Karolina and basically
bands and tv shows ruined my life but i love them more than anything in the world. do you see my problem here?
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Suck It and See - SONiC Session [x]


NME’s review of Eez-Eh

Breaking news: Arielle Vandenberg and Alex Turner break up


The 27-year-old model from Los Angel broke up this past Monday with the lead singer of The Artic Monkeys, Alex Turner. Vandenberg has stated that she had already put up with too much crap from the rock star. ‘His obsession with hair gel was getting too far. I was finding tubes and tubes every where, in the fridge next to the NME and Brit awards, under his pillow, in my purse…’ 

The British singer said on his defence that she was exaggerating and that he is completely not obsessed. ‘And then the mic dropping started.’ said Vandenberg ‘I told him to stop. He would drop a mic every time we had sex, or he said something he thought it was funny. It was getting out of hand. The mics didn’t deserve that. And he wears glasses indoors all the time. I can hardly remember his eyes!’

So far no one knows who’s gonna keep all the hair gel. (source)


I took a sparkly pink bath today

Anonymous asked: There is no information about Alex and Arielle together in Wikipedia...

someone’s gotta have a shitload of followers because i have over 180 new reblogs of a pic of Alex Turner and they are basically via the same person. oh and all this in 5 mins. fucking hell




"People seem to be asking me what I’ve been doing quite a lot lately, as I guess you’ve noticed I’ve been on a bit of a work hiatus. Well, here’s why! Apart from working with friends, planning a certain important upcoming event, and writing, this is my first big move! Away from family and friends and everything I’ve ever known. It’s partly for work and partly because I have a huge crush on Manhattan. Shit’s scary, man! But I’m so excited for the dust to settle and I’m ready to work! I guess it’s quite strange and unlike me to give this much away. I must be suffering from flight exhaustion. Plus i convinced the air stewardess to give me the chocolate cookies that the other people in my row turned down. #idiots #whoturnsdownahotcookie?” (x)

😜 #zit