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my name is Karolina, i'm 23 and basically
bands and tv shows are constantly ruining my life.

this blog consists mostly (but not only) of things related to Ben Howard and Arctic Monkeys because they are the loves of my life
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DJ Set and Water warmed by the legend that is Ben Howard himself xxx" [x]

i’m obsessed with First Aid Kit at the moment

Anonymous asked: Your taste in music is amazinggggg

that’s actually the best compliment ever so thanks a lot!!

Just chilling with Mr Ben Howard and playing ping pong with Bombay Bicycle Club! " [x]

I think to get to the end of it all and to have not to have given anything back, to have been selfish all the way through my career. I always say that it would be nice to actually try and make some sort of difference in the world. I still haven’t figured out what that will be but it’s hard, there’s so much stuff going on all the time, we’re all so wrapped up in ourselves and that’s how we as humans survive, we are completely self motivated. You see it in America, everyone has convinced themselves that they are worthy of something great and it leads to anxiety and depression and it leads to some really gnarly issues that everyone’s dealing with in right now. You see Robin Williams, that was a huge wake up call for America to realise that it’s a country where there are a lot of mental issues and not that much help. We’re always so driven on our own path that it ends up leading to where we are today which is exactly where we were two million years ago. It makes you think that people are inherently violent and we’re not supposed to get on with each other. But maybe there are a few things we can change somewhere below the ranks that mean one day, if everyone does their own little bit we can… I don’t think we’ll all get along, but if we can make things better for a few other people that is good enough.
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  • Ben: I think I’ve made it fairly clear from the start that I don’t really do social media. It’s never really been part of it for me, so I’ve been fortunate that hasn’t been a pressure. But yeah, with this record the success of the first one meant that everyone is very expectant for it to be successful and then you’re like ‘well how do you make a successful record?’ and you have all those conversations and it’s like ‘hang on, that’s got nothing to do with actually putting together a record’ and it’s really counter productive. So there’s that whole weight that goes on to making a second record and it took a bit of time out to get rid of that, to get rid of those feelings that I owed anyone anything or that I had to please a certain demographic of people that would have liked the old record but perhaps might not like the new one. I’ve been surprised by how many people really liked “End of the Affair” and were really into that. Now I realise that it’s not such a courageous track but when we first put it down I was like ‘this is really different from the first record’ and I think with that track I wanted to challenge people. I wanted to challenge myself more than anything because it takes a while not to want to please everyone all the time and to be comfortable with the fact that you don’t have to sell a lot of records to be successful in music. That’s a conversation I have with myself quite a lot.

i feel like i’m going to explode today

Track: Baby
Artist: Warpaint
Album: The Fool

baby // warpaint

somebody call 999. Ben Howard has had a fancy fashion photoshoot

I meet a lot of people who are awkward around me now. I was always embarrassed about that; the more attention I got, the less I wanted it and the more it would manifest in a physical way and I would be hunched over about it. I’m just starting to realise now that it’s not my problem, it’s somebody else’s problem. And that’s OK.
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No. I think there’s a lot of stuff… People will figure out the strangest things, but I’m quite happy to let people follow their imaginations. I’ve heard it [the imagined suicide] talked about. It’s not true in the truest sense — I don’t think any ex-girlfriends have committed suicide. But I like the freedom people have with songs, the fact that someone will spend the time going through them. But I don’t think it’s mine to deal with, you know?
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Ben Howard: ‘The more attention I got, the less I wanted it