hi yes hello there
my name is Karolina, i'm 23 and basically
bands and tv shows are constantly ruining my life.

this blog consists mostly (but not only) of things related to Ben Howard and Arctic Monkeys because they are the loves of my life
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I mean … the HAIR though o_O

soo today i’m going to the countryside to chill and get away from home and all this city chaos, so i won’t be around for a while (i have ‘only’ 1gb data on my phone for the whole month) but it doesn’t mean i’m dead (if anybody cares). i’ve set up a queue so my blog wouldn’t be that dead, but yeah see you in a bit, i guess.

have a nice summer you lot x

So basically Ben half quarter stripped yesterday at Somersault Festival, starting the show with a pretty fancy (although a bit crumpled) shirt on and ending it with only a t-shirt. Ben Howard, ladies and gentlemen.

(…) I’m just a silhouette
a lifeless face that you’ll soon forget
"Youth" - Daughter ←

when i see posts like “i need 20 more followers to my next hundred or k help” i’m starting to feel too old for this website



Fairy Queen India Bourne.

I think we all need some more India on our dashes.


sorry for the Ben spam but i had to share

Longitude 2014, Dublin, Ireland

happy Ben @ Longitude 2014, Dublin, Ireland

Anonymous asked: Your icon! hahahaha That's not very nice... :D

haha why not?? it always makes me smile and i hope some of you too! he can pull off silly faces like this and still look flawless. also happy and goofy Ben is my favourite Ben

e m o t i o n s.

Ben Howard @ Longitude 2014